Marek Felsoci

I'm an IT student based in Strasbourg, France and working mainly in Web Development and Computer Programming.

About Me


I come from Slovakia but I moved to France 4 years ago for studies. Now I'm a 20 years old student of IT in Strasbourg, France.

During the past years I've worked mainly on web development and computer programming using various technologies and languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, ASP.NET, NodeJS and C, sh, PowerShell, Objective Caml or Java.

My studies

In September 2014 I've started my university studies in IT, systems and networks at University of Strasbourg.

Before, I passed successfully my graduation exam at Lycée Pilote Innovant Internation high school near Poitiers in France.

Professionnal experience

I joined IT divison of United States Steel Corporation in Slovakia twice between 2013 and 2015. The first time I worked on operation system migration program and the second time I worked on their intranet network maintenance.

In the meantime I continue my studies and try to work as a free-lance web developer.

Language skills

I speak French, English, Slovak, Czech and Ukrainian languages.

Friedman Manufacturing

The company is based in Antwerpen, Belgium and deals with jewelry, watches, etc. My work consisted in creating a brand new version of their website.

Visit the website

Friedman Manufacturing's website

Hotel Excell

The website for Hotel Excell located in Middle Slovakia was one of my first commercial creations. Besides creating the website I was also asked to translate it into multiple language mutations.

Visit the website

Hotel Excell's website

Beauty Salon Anette

This project was my very first commercial website. It was a basic website for a little beauty salon located in my birthplace.

Beauty salon's Anette website


uMess was my final project for Web Development classes I attended in the first year of my university studies. It's a small social network allowing its users to share messages on a news feed page (something like Twitter®). uMess was based on NodeJS technology.

Explore the GitHub repository

uMess Social Network

School gazette Fabko

Project of the school magazine Fabko existed in my primary school. I joined the project in 2009 and became new website administrator. We've been releasing 3 to 4 magazine editions per year until project has discontinued in 2012.

One of Fabko editions


Slovoca is my personal C++ project. This software allows its users to create their custom dictionnaries where they can add, edit or delete words, p.e. when they are learning a new foreign language. Slovoca is a personal vocabulary for students of languages.

Explore the GitHub repository

Slovoca Screenshot


During my internship in United States Steel Corporation I worked on intranet maintenance and often I had to clean up local network pages folders from unused files. To get round manual checking for bad links on each page I developed the PowerShell script called WebCleaner which analysis each web-like files and extracts all hyperlinks. It locates the files that are still pointed by a hyperlink and deletes all the rest.

WebCleaner Processing Screenshot

Labyrinth 2D

Labyrinth 2D is the name of my university project for Development technologies classes. It's based on C language and its graphic libraries Cairo and SDL. The goal of the game is to cross the labyrinth before loosing all lives.

Explore the GitHub repository

Labyrinth 2D Screenshot

More projects...

If you would want to see all of my personal, school and university projects, please, feel free to check my GitHub repository by clicking on the button below. Thank you for your interest.

Check my GitHub repository

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Marek's work was very efficient. Our new website was done in 24 hours! We're very satisfied of our cooperation with Marek even once the website was finished.

- N. Saban, Representant of Friedman Manufacturing Sprl

Marek made proof of reliability and provided an excellent work during his intership in our company. He was capable to apply efficiently his own initiative and made often more than we required.

- M. Koperova, Web Applications Developer, United States Steel Kosice, s.r.o.

Our website has come alive after Marek's intervention. With multiple language versions and the possibility of online reservation we can now target with our website more clients in Slovakia as well as in foreign countries.

- V. Rusnakova, Hotel Excell's Management

The website of our school gazette chagned completely after Marek joined our team. Thanks to new functions and a fresh design Marek helped us to bring new readers.

- I. Hrabinska, Supervising teacher of School Gazette Fabko

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